Getting things greener...

I just finshed watching "An Inconvenient Truth".

Everyone needs to see this movie.

Not because it's Al Gore. This movie concerns everyone. Forget the politics and personal political tragedy of Gore, if you're against Gore and you're mature enough to get past that, you will learn much from this movie.

The science is sound and let me tell you, it is solid. There is no bullshitting in this movie. We keep on this trend, and we're going down. No terrorists, no war, no famine, no axis of evil, no conservative party, nobody, noone, zip zero nadie niemand, will be as much a challenge for the survival of the human race as climate change. We're killing out planet and we don't even know it.

So get out there rent it, buy it, borrow it, whatever. Just get it and GET IT. Once you see it you'll know what i mean. Get as many people as you can to watch it too.

Climate change is not bullshit. It's what's going to kill us all if we don't do something about it.