I've got nothing. I figure that since i've got a lot of "nothing" days, i could write about my dailyish routine. This might shift a bit once i live with ze wife, especially the time i wake up and leave, as we'll only have one car to get by for the time being.

6.00 - Alarm sounds. Wake up, shower, breakfast, pack my lunch, watch the news, out the door by 7am.

7.30 - arrive at main gates of the school, park my car, slowly climb upstairs.

7.40 - Once upstairs i greet everybody around (if there's anyone at all), turn on the hallway computers, unlock my lab, turn off the alarm, turn on the A/C, drop my stuff at my desk, turn on the computer.

7.50 - Washup anything that needs washing, including coffee mug.

8.00 - Go down one floor to obtain my daily dosage of caffeine

8.15 - Sitting at my computer:

- Check emails: yahoo, gmail, gmail, hotmail, yahoo. In that order.
- Read the Questionable Content daily funny.
- Immerse myself in isketchforum to see what's up. This often consumes up to an hour.
- Visit addictinggames to see what's new and whether there's anything worth playing. No luck today.
- Read the news on various news sites.
- Sometimes go into blogger and write something, not very often tho.

11.00 - At this time there's often something to do, whether it be cleaning out the fishtanks, hamster cages etc, or repairing something or another. Today i might get a microscope from a science substitute teacher that needs a little maintainance.

12.30 - Head down to the teacher's lounge to heat my lunch up, then proceed to the cafeteria lunchroom to sit at the back tables to have innane conversations with whomever might be there of the local support staff. It can be fun, but often i do not partake in conversation as i seldom know what the hell they're talking about.

13.30 - Head back up, wash my coffee mug, head back down for more caffeine, chitchat a little with the highschool office girls, then head back up for the afternoon session.

13.45 - Sit at the computer and play whatever online game i come across first to ward of the afternoon's sleepy time, hoping that someone will send in a request.

15.30 - Classes are out, i tour all 4 labs to see if anything requires cleaning up. Often there's nothing, so i head back into my hole for another hour of online gaming while teachers work silently in their offices. I try not to disturb them at this time as it is the only time of the day they have for themselves to catch up with grading and all that.

16.30 - Everyone's gone, i tour the labs once more, straighten out whatever needs to be straightened out.

17.00 - pack up and leave. It depends where, might be home, might be tutoring, or might be the gym. Today's gym time as i haven't exercised much lately and my knees are starting to hurt again.

18.00 - Arrive at home, take a shower if needed, vegetate in front of the TV until wife gets out from work.

20.00 - At the wife's, have dinner, chat a little, and you know.

22.00 - Head home.

22.15 - Once at home, call the wife to announce a safe arrival. Sit at the computer, check all emails, forums.

23.00 - Bedtime.

Fun eh?