And that job sucked too


After 2.5 months of sucking it as a salesman for one of the bigger players in the research reagents industry (hint hint it's german and the name ends with kgaa), i stopped sucking it as a salesman.

So yeah sales sucked.  I quit that job in a shitstorm.  Honestly though, i have the courage to admit i was not really good at it, because my heard is in research.  But my boss was such a humongous self righteous asshole, i'm happy i left.  And yes, i wish much ill for that douchebag.

I took a job managing a lab.  A lab that has 1 employee, me.  So it's basically back to lab tech with a better salary.  Company says i'll get an assistant but it's been 10 months already and no assistant. So i reckon i won't get an assistant. It's ok, i like working largely by myself. Been doing so for the last 5 or 6 years.

What kind of lab you ask? A application development lab in.... food science.  I used to joke about how being a lab tech was basically being a glorified dishwasher.  Well being a lab manager i feel like a glorified dishwasher that cooks, but now i have a businesscard that says i'm boss and nobody is the wiser because people just assume i have assistants.

My new boss is great, coworkers could be better but could also be so much worse, the lab's massive and the office is close to home.   No more being on the road for me!  No more traffic, no more carrying a heavy laptop around, no more taking shit from assholes at merck, i'll have none of that.

Now i have so much time to do stuff.  Imagining all the things i can do with all the products i have on hand.  I make kickass science pudding and i'm learning insane amounts of chemistry i didnt know.  I also have lab developed products hitting the street soon, so that's good.

Granted the job has some shit to take as well, but the perks thus far outweigh the shit.  And since this is a legit research job, i might be able to get back home after a few years.

Last post i said i doubted i'd be back but here i am.

Welcome back.