ignorance is bliss

Friday was rather exciting because I was so exhausted that I had a hard time keeping awake by 16:30, and that was mainly the reason of my angry late posting and threats out to random people.

In my anger I failed to mention that on Friday morning, before getting the chemicals, I went with a mechanic, Mr Calo, to get the Jetta from my girlfriend's building. He's in his 50s with a worn face yet kind face, told me that it wouldn't take long to replace the hose. Of course, since nothing could have gone right on friday, i left the keys of the car at home and couldn't open it to pop the hood. So we drove back to my house and got the keys. About an hour later the car was being driven by Mr Calo to the shop to have the cooling system purged of air and have a problem with the automatic locks fixed.

At 17:45, while on my way home, i got a call from the shop. The car was ready. Excellent. Now to dish out my precious salary, which I had been waiting axiously for 15 days. $180 was the bill. Check signed, drove away.

The weekend went rather uneventful. Saturday I had lunch with my parents and girlfriend and then went on to watch movies. Love Actually and The Village to be precise.

Cute but unfunny, love actually. I don't know what the purpose of the movie was as I didn't learn absolutely anything from it. You guess it, hate chick flicks.

Now the village was a bit better but also extremely uneducational. Raises many questions though, especially that of how myths are created. I absolutely love the ending, when Ivy encounters, fights and subsequently kills the beast whom they do not speak of, namely the retard in one of the suits. Fantastically chilling scenes.

Sunday was mother's day, you can guess how that went.

As another weekend drew slowly to a close, another monday brought upon us.

Monday started uneventfully. I did a little bit of clean up as I had glassware from 3 experiments lying around in dire need of a good wash. Chemistry guy ordered nitric acid and copper filings to make a copper nitrate demo. Then he requested I take the Br2 gas/liquid bulb to his lab. And finally he asked I bring him some table salt from the cafeteria and some ice for the Br2 demo. No idea what the demo is about so I'm not going to write anything about it.

Biology woman requested a set of caps for some nalgene bottles.

Physics guy requested that I speak less loudly as he was hungover from a wedding saturday through sunday.

Other than seeing him having lunch a minute ago, i haven't done anything for general science guy.

I washed the dishes lying around, put away all the vernier equipment lying around, labeled and put away chemicals.

And now I have on my waiting list:

- mono microscope with a jammed stage
- new chemicals to be placed on the inventory
- all the dishes just washed need to be stored
- play some heli attack 3

Oh, and I say ignorance is bliss because what you don't know doesn't hurt you.
Truly phylosophical statement, if you consider that in most cases you hurt because you know. If you don't know, how can it hurt?

Good day.