Frisky Friday

Today! Finally! TGI!

'Tis friday, about fucking time.

Even though this week was short because monday was off, it felt like it wouldn't end. I was just about ready to shoot myself by wednesday when i realized i still had 2 more days to endure before the weekend.

Today i shall demonstrate the how-to and let the 10th graders do the mole-mass and mole-coefficients experiments on their own. That ought to be entertaining, especially after the first student gets hurt with either the acid or the bunsen burners, mostly because I will lecture them on the associated risks of this experiment, repeat myself about 100 times, get told they know 100 times and still kids getting hurt because they think chemistry is a big game.

I ran into this most curious blog before, called "Pao's life". I found it interesting because her latest post was about the movie "my friend totoro", a japanese anime created by master anime creator Hayao Miyazaki.

What I found peculiar about this post is that she had pictures of the totoros.
Check out the totoros halfway down the page of Pao's life post
They're all so happy, the totoros. I think they're vegetarians... i wonder if they eat weed all day, because they all look a bit stoned.


It's friday again, and if you read my blog habitually, which i know you don't, you would know that it's cleanup and lead testing day.

Cleanup is almost done, I have to put the washed stuff in their storage cupboards and do the test, then i'll leave to run the lab.

It's been almost a year since I started dating my girlfriend on a boyfriend/girlfriend basis. Our anniversary is on the 20th and I don't know what to get her as a gift. I was thinking an Ipod, but then I realized what they cost and I may not be able to afford the damn thing. Perhaps jewelry... we'll see, i have to get paid first, pay off money owed and then see what I can afford.

Yesterday one of the 11th graders started screwing around with the biology fishtank and somehow managed to slide the lighting of the tank INTO the tank. One of our zebras died from a blunt force trauma from one of the corners of the lamp landing on top of him, may he rest in the toilet... in peace.

That brought the number of zebras to 3. I'm sure before the end of May they'll all be dead.

Classes officially end on May 26th. Now I wonder, what is going to happen to me while everybody is on vacation. Since i'm not an overseas teacher or employee, i don't get time off. I'm subjected to the laws of pooradise, which allow employers not to authorize vacation time until the employee has worked 1 year for him. So i'm going to be stuck at the school doing god knows what for god knows how long. I'm sure it'll be very little for very long, but who cares. I still get paid.

On the positive side, the FIFA world cup is happening this summer, which means i'll have something to do. I'm already collecting the official sticker album (panini), and have it almost full. Now all i need to do is relocate my tv from home to my office and sit back and enjoy the games while doing very little for very long.

Fun fun all around.

Have a nice weekend.