the hangover

Sunday afternoon and into the night, there was a party. And here i am on monday morning, with that ever familiar feeling that i might have had a bit too much to drink. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend drove me home, however,I am not sure how i entered my house and crawled into bed.

Monday as usual didn't star with much action. I got brownies from biology woman, which was nice of her. Physics guy started to drop off a bunch of old experiments and stuff that needs putting away. Haven't heard from chemistry guy at all today.

Since my parents are on an island, nobody's been cooking at home, which leaves me with no leftovers to bring to work for lunch. Then there's the tiny issue that i spent all of my usable money (not touching the savings, ever) on the car and on the girlfriend, so I have no money to buy lunch.

The solution?


I found 3 apples in the fridge this morning and figured they'd be good for my hangover (electrolytes and vitamins) and that they might do the job of feeding me. I'm lucky biowoman brought the brownies. So i'll be living off yogurt, apples, brownies and to top it all off, coffee. At this time, after 1.5L of water, 2 cups of coffee, 2 apples, 4 brownies and about 14 visits to the washroom to have nice long leaks, I am feeling a bit better.

I have a bunch of stuff to wash but I don't feel like washing it. Logically, the sooner i do it, the sooner it'll stop weighing upon my mind. So i'll half ass it and put it away before lunch, i.e. eating my remaining apple.

Who discovered earth?

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The great god Hoo rolled over one morning after a particularily successful night of drinking, and found the Earth propped on his desk. He also found a traffic cone, three giro wrappers and a half-eaten pizza sub.

Hoo does not quite sure where the Earth came from, but vaguely remembers drinking with some bearded guy in robes with a booming voice who wanted to show him something cool.

Then there were a few rounds of upside-down Margaritas, some tequila shots, and maybe some Bottle Caps and not even Hoo knows what happened after that.

So Hoo has been tending the Earth ever since, or at least dusting or watering it every once in while, when he remembers.