Simple changes

My buddy, the physics guy, will be leaving in the summer to teach in europe. They haven't found anybody to replace him yet, so it's possible one of the math guys takes it and they get a new math teacher. If they find someone for physics, then it's a new neighbour for me, a new work relationship to establish.

Everybody else stays.

The labs have been quiet lately, havent done anything very interesting so far. Coolest thing recently was working with halogens. Getting chlorine gas via concentrated HCl + KMnO4... the green gas just reacts straight out and can be collected in a gas cylinder for show or to react sodium to make salts and such. It's tricky because the 37% HCl is needed and chlorine gas is deadly, but if done with the necessary fumehoods and safety measures, it's cool.

Same goes for the bromine. Made bromine water to replace the fading and almost depleted stock we have. Simple enough, some 0.5M sodium bromide solution and a few mL of sodium hypochlorite (household chlorine bleach, NaOCl). Also very dangerous, wouldn't want to get this stuff in contact with skin, but the recipe is cheap, simple and it works for the kind of science i prep.