And then there was nothing.

Nothing is the new new. Not good news, not bad news, just no news. In most circumstances no news is good news, but when you're looking for a job, no news means... what exactly is beyond me.

I thought things were going so well, i thought i nailed it. But they haven't called. So yeah.

There's a number of things to think about tho. The whole interviewing process was november and december, everybody stopped working around the 20th of december, and most don't return untl january 15th. So it might be a matter of waiting.

Then there's this, they told me the job would start at the end of january. But i told them i'd do my notice at the school first and then start there, my notice by law has to be a month, otherwise i don't get paid my full benefits because of that month i would not work.

But whatever, if they decide to buy me out, that's fine as well.

I just hope they call me.