And so it went

Had the interview on monday Nov 26th.

It was out of town, in a small industrial segment of a shitty ass town about an hour from home. Wife and i went the day before to find the place so i wouldnt get lost on monday. We did find it no problem, proper signaling and a few directions from people that have been there and voilá, got there no problem. Getting out was a little troublesome, didn't turn right where i was supposed to and we got a little lost in the shitty ass town. But whatever, retraced our steps, took the right where i was supposed to and got home no problem.

On monday getting there was a breeze, no traffic whatsoever and i got to the factory at 8:30am, when the interview was supposed to happen at 10. I waited a little while, played sudoku on my cellphone and the human resources people let me in at around 9:15am.

First off there was an abstract logic test, matching shapes in sequence and stuff, pretty basic and easy, or so i think, dunno if it did well or not. Then they asked me to draw a human being. I drew a guy wearing a shirt and pants. Not being an artist i think i did well, it was pretty detailed.

Then came a few questions from the human resource girl (jobs, living situation, character questions, etc; nothing but the usual HR BS), did well in that too i think, charmed them. I think they liked me, she set me up for an interview with the lab people right away. So i went there and spoke to the boss of chemical QC analysis and then to the resident microbiology expert, who turned out to have an associate's in industrial eng., the fuck that has with microbiology is beyond me, but i'm guessing she learned on the job. Still i could lecture her on micro for hours on end, not that i'm an expert but it was pretty clear that i knew loads more than her. On that note, the guy from the chemistry analysis lab was pretty chill, but the micro woman was kinda uptight. Not sure if she was uncomfortable or what, my guess from her body language was that she was insecure when interviewing me; maybe because i knew more than her about micro (though i don't know the protocols and tests they use, but i'm pretty sharp in the science of it all). Or maybe she had never interviewed anybody at all. I'd like to thin it was the former, but whetever. I charmed the shit out of her as well.

Their labs look pretty standard. According to the chemistry guy, they process some six thousand samples weekly. Considering it's all swabs, piece of cake.

And the planets aligned.

In a former post i mention that a friend of a friend (a.k.a. my wife's boss) sent my resume in, influence trafficking and all, pretty cool of him to have done that for me. They call me for an interview and i go. The wednesday after the interview i get to sit down and have a friendly chat with no other than the president of the fucking company. Fuck yeah. I'm a decent person, i didn't mention anything about the job or the interview, just spoke with him about all sorts of random things. He's a cool guy. Still, the only help i got was in submitting the resume. Still, the factory would've gotten it anyway because i also submitted it through a headhunter who was kind enough to send it in for me. They decided to interview me, i did, and that was all me. If i get it it's through no help from anybody. It was all me.