New challenge?

My days as a lab tech may be counted. Via some button-pushing and people that know people i have an interview for a large, and i mean LARGE, international company that does food products and shit. They need a microbiology analyst for QC, not sure i fit the bill as the description of what they need is pretty nondescriptive, but they want microbiology, i know microbiology. They need lab work, i do lab work. QC is all protocols, lab procedures. Can't be that hard?

I probably don't know what i'm saying.

But if i do get it, i'm so out of here. Hopefully with a wealth of understanding. We'll see. Maybe i'm not what they're looking for and that was that.

Thing is, it's out of town. About 1.5h away from here, and i'll have to move there if i get it. They better gimme something goooood. Well, maybe i'll go for it just to have that name on my resume.

Stay tuned...