Bosses are back

As i've mentioned in previous posts, i have many many bosses. The main boss, the superintendent, is the boss of all kind here. Since i'm school staff (as opposed to faculty), the head of staff is my boss, and all managers of staff sections are my bosses (IT, Maintainance etc). Since i'm working in the highschool, the principal of the highschool is my boss. Since I'm sicence, all science teachers are bosses, including those of middle school, since i serve all of them. And then there's the highschool assistants, the deans, and anybody that has any kind of seniority at the school.

Thing is, a lot of them don't know they're my bosses, and the rest doesn't care. I'm only mildly supervised by the high school principal, and somewhat supervised by the chair of science. As such, i'm an almost fully independent, self-supervised unit.

So, 2 of my bosses are back, the superintendant and the highschool principal. And they can't complain at all. I accomplished all that had to be done over the summer and over the last week I set aside a lot of time to have all labs fully operational by friday. That leaves me the rest of the week to distill water and clean out the fishtank in the bio lab.

I went ring shopping with my girlfriend over the weekend. I'm supposed to take care of the engagement ring, so i'll ask for a loan from work to get it. My wages will be garnished for a while, but at least i won't be paying interest. I'm looking at about $1000 for a white gold solitaire with a ~.25 carat diamond (no such thing as white gold, that's just a name for yellow gold with rhodium plating. I haven't been able to find any with palladium or platinum plating, but those would still be out of my price range anyway). Another think we looked at was wedding bands. Some very original, some very nice looking, ALL extremely expensive. $1500 for the ones the gf wants. She says that at least those we pay for together. Which leads me to the question, and I know this sounds like male chauvinism, but if i'm making a compromise by providing a ring that costs so much money, what is in it for me? Women should just as easily have to provide something in return, and I ain't getting nothing in return. I belive that women should have equal rights and privleges as men, i'm pro-feminism, pro-choice and support gender equality and gay rights and all that crap. And I also think we should tear down the social rules that tradition brings upon us, especially those brought upon us by the clergy.

Say no to rings!

Our society is retarded.