I just noticed that the last time I wrote was 7 days ago. Holy crap i'm lazy.

Nothing to report about the last 7 days anyway. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the kids and the beggining of summer repairs and maintainance.

So far i've been helping clean out the labs, picking up dirty glassware and plastic reusables. Yesterday i had a nasty encounter with 10 posters biology woman has on her wall, each had about 30 little masking tape circles behing so the poster held up. The glue on the tape decomposed a bit and made a mess on the back of the posters, and my hands got all sticky. I estimate I removed 300 tape stickies from the back of those posters.

I got a few work orders for repairs in the classrooms and for some lab equipment. I am to hang speakers on the side of the smartboards and to clean drawers and shelves of the labs. I'm still dealing with rusting of metal shelves caused by the NaOH incident in general science guy's lab. It'll eventually either eat more through the metal or get neutralized, eitherway i'm not happy with the result.

Remember people, always check your glassware before storing hazardous chemicals for extended periods of time.

Anyway, so far on my list of summer boredom jobs:

- Hang speakers
- Thorough cleaning of lab shelves, fumehoods and drawers
- periodic fishtank cleaning and daily feeding
- reorganizing physics guy's room to physics and chemistry room configuration
- throwing out ALL THE BLOODY GARBAGE FROM ALL THE LABS (seriously, we have too much crap that hasn't been used in years lying around and in storage)

I'll eventually start posting more pictures of the labs, crazy things we have and other stuff that happens here, however i need to install photo editing software and of course, get a digital camera.

World cup.


Tomorrow aside from being the last day of school, it's also the FIFA football world cup, Germany 2006. Fun eh?

My pseudo german upbringing has always made me a faithful fan of germany. I've been subjected to many dissapointments, especially in '98 (when germany got booted in quarter finals after losing 3-1 against fucking CROATIA), and again in 2002 when germany was ever so close and then after a pathetic game that was played like 7-year-olds against brazil in the final, everybody chasing the ball, nobody scoring, Germany lost 2-0. And don't even get me started on the 1994 cup, when they lost to BULGARIA (%$#^%%%@#$!) 2-1 in quarter finals, 4 years after they won the world cup and had the exact same team. Idiots!

This year i have absolutely no expectations for them as I lost interest in football when i moved to canada and started watching ice hockey, which is just a tad more exciting than football. Go senators. Then again, hockey was ruined after the strike, all those RETARDED new rules.

Another funny aspect of my current situation is that because of the end of classes, all the american staff are leaving on vacation. That leaves virtually nobody supervising.

I've asked around, nobody has anything for me to do. Initially i thought i'd be assigned to recover some files and build a filing system with the highschool assistants, but turns out that no, they'll do it on their own. I'll jump in and help still; the worldcup isn't all the interesting and I only care when Germany plays anyway.

Chem guy, my supervisor, read me an email from the highschool principal that read that since i've only been at this particular job for 4 months, i'm not entitled to vacation time, and continued to instruct chem guy to give me TONS of stuff to do over the summer. Right...

Thing is we've coevered almost every base already. There's not that much to do (well, i don't know yet, maybe the few things on my list will take more time than i think, maybe the list will grow over the summer, who knows). So i'll be relaxing and keeping the chemicals in their cupboards. No labcoat for me!

this is going to suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...