nasty bits of humanity!

So the summer has been long and boring so far. I haven't felt like writing lately because there's nothing really good to talk about.

But come to think of it, i've done quite a few things!

In the last 2 weeks i've set up physics guy's classroom. I organized his books and cupboards. Turns out that he had a lot of unused space and a ton of stuff lying around, so i sorted the stuff lying around into the unused space and voila! a clean lab. I've also made it so that the chemistry glassware is nice and visible (having a big glass cupboard full of glassware makes a lab attractive, if i may say so), and the ugly physics crap is stored below eye level. Looks high tech now, i'm so proud.

I've also made an inventory of all sample microscope slides, around 400 of them, individually looked at to ensure quality of the sample, catalogued and sorted into the slide drawers. Not fun, i can tell you that.

I've also taken a look at the physics equipment that is no longer used, or not used very often, which is stored in locked closets out in the halls. There's tons of stuff we can throw out of there.

As for the biology lab, i'm not sure i can work there yet, since everything is covered with painter's plastic sheets and sealed up and locked and piled up in the centre and ah... actually i don't feel like going there to do anything. Chem guy's room is almost done with maintainance and i'll go in there later this week and hang up the saftey goggles holder on a wall. I'll also embark on a project to build bunden burner holders for the labs. It'll be a pain in the ass to find a way to build it, especially to meet the demanding tastes of mr chemistry. I'll figure something out, probably a board with holes big enough for the burner tips to fit through, hung on the wall with metal L supports...

And then there's the world cup.

Aside from DEUTSCHLAND! being the best team *ehem*'(i'm so biased), the world cup has been good so far. Miroslav Klose, although Polish born, chose to play for Germany and he's done outstandingly well. Matter of fact, the 2 players that have done most of the scoring are polish, Klose and Podolski. Bless their nads. Otherwise, Germany also counts with Bastian Schweinsteiger, a brilliant midfilder and free kick specialist; Oliver Neuville, one of the elders and an excellent forward; and how can we forget Bernd Schneider, another one of the elders, whose ability to set up chances is unkanny. Now what i don't understand is the hype about Michael Ballack, he's not that great and he hasn't done much for the team (that i've noticed anyway.

I must applaud Jürgen Klinsmann for his choice in team for the cup. He got rid of the usual suspects and got some fresh new blood into the team. I swear if i saw Kahn, Jeremies, Bierhoff or Marco Bode playing again, i would drop my german colours and pick up another one of my bloodlines, be it swedish or french colours. (I figure Osbahr is scandinavian, and I also have Bastian and Bünjer blood, both french). And though he hasn't had any experience coaching until 2 years ago, i think he's done a fantastic job at it.

The best game so far was yesterday, Portugal vs Holland. Such violence... it was awesome seeing the dutch player just shove the shit out that portuguese player when this dude was injured, I swear that portugal player must've flown about 2m in the air from that push. And then when this dude Deco grabbed the ball and the dutch layer grabbed him and laid him flat on the ground. Two of the best portugal players are out due to injuries received during this game and 2 more due to red cards, this means that portugal will have to play shorthanded in the quarter finals... which i like, because they suck... stupid goat farmers. But it goes to show how nasty human beings can get, if one can get violent in a simple game, imagine at war.

The england game against ecuador was also awesome. Rooney is a beast. It was great seeing him just plow his way through the ecuador defense. Then again, ecuador played extremely well and england was lucky that beckham's so good at what he does.

I'm just hoping the final will be Germany against someone else than Brazil, i think everybody is tired of seeing those fuckers win. Then again, an Australia Ghana final might alsot be nice... hehe. I'd so go for Australia.

A particular hobby of mine right now is the yahoo fantasy fifa game. My team, Bendover FC is ranked 2nd of 4 in our little league (until yesterday i was always 1st, but my brother's friend got ahead of me), and something like 1750 out of maybe 10000 teams in the fans of germany league, and overall in the 66000 region from well over 100000 teams worldwide. Not bad eh? It's all in good fun and I think i'll beat my brother's friend at it. We'll see.

For now i'll be watching the Italy vs Australia game, go australia of course.

Cheers to all the football fans around the world.