The players

I work directly with 4 teachers. Each with its own subject. Since i'm not naming names, I'm going to stick with the following criteria from now on.

the chemistry guy (my supervisor)
the biology woman
the physics guy
the general science guy

Chemistry guy:
nice guy but he can be somewhat of a pain in the ass sometimes. Still, he's the only one that sticks to procedure and submits experiment requests in advance. I get along with him on a strictly professional context.

Biology woman:
she's nice. We get along fine. Sometimes i think she's kind of weird but I guess that's the way she is. She's a complicated person, she worries about stupid stuff and keeps losing her keys and locking herself out of her office and so on. But otherwise, she's the only one that currently keeps pet fish in her classroom and they're neat to look at. She is now the only one, general science guy used to keep fish too, but due a mistake i made, she's the only one now...

See what happened with the fish, click here and scroll to March 10th through the 13th.


Physics guy:
He's the one I've worked with the most. He has this grade 10 chemistry class that is absolutely hilarious, and also requires about 1 experiment per session. He's the most real person I work with, i've learned much from him and know him pretty well. He is sharp and sarcastic, i´ll tell you that much. But in a nice way. He's pessimistic just like I am and sees the world as the devil´s toilet, enjoys looking at the local women and he finds this country fantastic, of course, he can leave if the shit hits the fan and we go cuban style. He enjoys his job, but he denies it. He yells at students, but they don't take him seriously and his classes are usually funny, tense, relaxed... all in one.

General science guy:
i've worked very little with him, he keeps to himself, doesnt bug anyone. But he's nice, he takes his job seriously and he loves it. He owns a car similar to mine (of course mine's cooler, faster and stronger hehe, but he has his in nicer shape and has put on some outstanding body kits on it).

So that's the 4 of them.

There's 3 other people on the floor, all 3 math teachers. One of them, the guy next to the washroom, i think he hates me. It's either that or he's dry with everybody, or maybe he´s just dry with me which doesn't really lead me anywhere. The other 2 are ok i guess, relatively young, one of them's been here for a decade. The other one just 1 year, but he's alright, we play catch with dodgeballs in his room when there's nothing to do.

I have a number of bosses. Of course the chemistry guy, the highschool sub-principal, the chief of staff and the principal of the school.

Then there's the other 300 people or so that work here as well... i'm getting to know them as i go along.

Now you know everybody.