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I recognize that not all lab technicians can be as bored as I am, so please spare me the comments if your job actually keeps you busy.

A bit about the author.

I was born in a tropical paradise turned sour by decades of ill governance (especially in the last 7 years) and stupidity aplenty. I grew up, lived, studied, did many irresponsible things and drank myself to slur in this paradise for most of my life. I never quite liked it. It's a hard thing to grow up with a social role model of irresponsibility and laziness and a parental role model honest to that of uptight European standards.

After 19 years of suffering it became time for me, thanks to much support from my parents and my never ending efforts to make ends meet, to head to the capital of the world's second largest country to study at what many still call "last chance U", albeit many efforts from this organization to release themselves from this reputation; which by the way they brought upon themselves.


I think the thing I did the least during university was actually study. I spent a lot of time writing lab reports for the courses that had labs, oh precious memories. After 3.5 years, some 20920 waking hours, 2 failed courses, many Ds and Cs, I managed to obtain my bachelor's in biology and effectively ruin any chance for grad school anywhere in the world.

So, my visa ran out, I broke up with my psycho ex and headed back to the paradise on March 7th 2005. Not knowing quite what to expect, I remained optimistic that things wouldn't be so bad.

But as optimists are often hit with huge brick walls, I found that it was actually worse than I thought. I kept searching for a job in the science industry and found that they are reserved for people with master's degrees and more. By June I gave up and started teaching ESL. Wasn't too bad, but I kept looking for the science.

I became so obsessed with working in science that I started collecting bugs, thinking that this would somehow make me a biologist. Then I took up an unpaid internship with a biotech lab to work as a lab assistant. That experience lasted about 3 weeks and it led me understand further that science is reserved for assholes with Master's degrees and their bosses. I was quickly discarded.

So I kept teaching English.

After a few months I learned of this position at a high school. The ad was simple and clear, they needed a lab technician that spoke English, knew science, needed a job badly and would settle with mediocre pay. Check, check, check and check. So I sent in my resume, I was called for an interview, given the wrong date and finally missed my chance for that job.

Funny how things work out that the position remained open for months. A person on the inside agreed to intercede on my behalf and I got a second interview. Words were spoken, contracts were signed and thus I became a lab technician.

I started this blog because I have too much free time. I started thus blog almost 3 months at the job.

I had never imagined it'd be like this...