So that job sucked

Oh blog i've left you unattended for close to 3 years.

Anyway, my boss was a bitch and the job pure slavery. The school's superintendent left and didn't hold up to any of the promises he made when hiring me. After a year i was still without a contract, without terms and absolutely no hand to negotiate anything.

The job search was on.

Miraculously i was offered a sales rep job at a huge german multinational corporation that manufactures chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Kudos if you can figure out which.

I quit being a lab tech.

I sell chemicals for research. Not as easy as it sounds considering all the science research branches there are. It's twice the amount of money i was earning at the school with commissions, benefits and car allowance. Still my boss is an ass but the job is bearable as long as they don't give me different customers. Being a supplier for science labs kicks ass, you meet all sorts of interesting people and learn all sorts of different fun facts about their research.

That's the end of the lab tech and thus this blog. If i ever become a lab tech again, i'll post again but i doubt i'll ever go back down that road.