Glowstick solution

Here's a small and somewhat innacurate how-to. It works, not very well, but it's a start.

In one 1L beaker:
1L distilled H2O
~1g ammonium carbonate
0.5g Copper sulphate
~4g Sodium carbonate
0.2-0.4g luminol

In another beaker:
20 vol H2O2 (5.7%v/v)

Dissolve the carbonates, the sulphate and the luminol in the dH2O to make the "glow solution".

Then in one 150mm test tube have 10mL of the glow solution and in another 150mm test tube have 10mL of the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Pour the H2O2 into the test tube with the glow solution. You shall see a pretty luminescent blue light emitting from the mix for about 2 seconds.

As i said, it's not a very good demo, but it's guaranteed to fascinate the shit out of students.

Always follow proper lab techniques and safety, and read the MSDS for each chemical used. This information is for reference only, if you do this it's because you want to, and are prepared and knowledgeable in the fine arts of chemistry. If you get hurt somehow it's because you're stupid and shouldn't have done it in the first place, so don't go blaming me for it.