What to do, what to do

I've been thinking. I could update the blog with cartoons from now on. We'll see if that motivates me to share more often.

Anyway, work's been shit. My boss is an ass and he's been giving me crap for everything and nothing. General science guy is also starting to give me attitude. What the fuck, i ask, have i done to deserve this kind of treatment??

Chemistry guy got all pissy at me because i forgot to deliver a fucking bottle for an experiment, one fucking bottle with 150ml of magnesium sulfate, that was left on my bench. I swear i was about to knock him to the ground and beat the living shit out of him when he started telling me off, not allowing me to explain that i forgot the bottle, and telling me to not talk to him like that. Grow some cojones you ass.

With general science guy was a different story. As part of my job, i am obligated to tell the teachers about potential hazards of some chemicals. I don't like to do it but i have to do it. So i tell this guy to be careful with the lead nitrate as that stuff's really toxic and he gives me a "look at me on my high horse" look and tells me in a very patronizing way "you know this is not my first time teaching".

Oh and then there was the conference issue. I get told that i must go to a conference. Since i'm not sure, i check with the boss. He doesn't know so he checks with his boss, who also doesn't know anything about it. All other instructional assistants were going, why would it be any different with me? Simple, my boss would rather have be doing nothing in the labs than sitting at a conference learning something useful. So i stayed all day at work scratching my balls and throwing pingpong balls at the wall.

The girlfriend is applying for a new job at a university, as a department director pisition opened up. I'm thinking she'll probably get it. Meanwhile, i'm stuck in this job until i leave the country.

Oh yeah, and the country, the country is going to hell. The government controlled national assembly is giving the president -without debate or consultation- infinite decree powers for a year and a half, to speed up the socialist process says them, to turn this into fidel castro's wet dream says i.

As such, i am going to get the fuck out of here before i end up becoming another miserable victim of authoritarism, corruption and egomaniacal delusions of the asskhole that runs this country.